Olympic Ticket Design Released

So it turns out London are hosting the Olympics this year. If you’re as excited about all of this as me you’ll have been eagerly awaiting the revelation of the ticket designs. Designed by FutureBrand featuring SomeOne’s pictographs they actually, in my opinion, make the whole thing come together in a way that I never imagined possible after the release of the (much criticised) Olympic Logo.

Olympic pictogram(me?)s were first really brought to the public’s attention in the 1972 Munich Games with Eicher’s simplistic, if extremely regimented, creations:

SomeOne came up with two versions for this year’s games. The first is quite a safe silhouette option:

Whilst the second, apparently inspired by the famous Underground tube map, consists of pink and blue lines that, I think, give the pictograms a much more dynamic and visually exciting result. By creating one version for clarity, and one for energy it allows the designer to choose the most appropriate version whilst maintaining cohesion throughout the signage, and general graphic design, of the games.


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