That’s not me that’s a cat… dressed as a pineapple.

In advertising and graphic design there’s this line.

You can go above the line, and below the line, and possibly even through the line. I have a very vague grasp on this line and it seems to be like this: advertising is above the line, graphic design is below the line. Some graphic design companies are beginning to go above this line. Which I’d imagine is a little annoying for the advertising agencies. But I think it’s fair to say this line is becoming more like a hazy stripe.

I’m going to take advantage of this and show some adverts in a graphic design blog. Crazy, I know. These are done by Fallon for The Natural Confectionery Company and are brilliantly quotable as my entire flat have discovered. “You always hide in the fruit bowl” “LOOK OVER THERE, IT’S A CATONKEY” “Yah well my house has an entire floor for palates…” and so many more gems.

You might hate them, and if you do I suggest you watch more. And then you’ll love them (probably.)

For more like these you can visit The Natural Confectionery Company’s youtube channel here.


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