Brands Made Human

I like packaging that you can relate to. Some brands just get it right, innocent are a perfect example of this. You feel as though you can trust innocent.You forget that Coca-Cola own 58% of its shares, because it sounds like a friendly neighbour. You feel as though you could actually “pop round to Fruity Towers” and enjoy a slice of cake (or watermelon) and chat about your day. Although Pearlfisher are their current design team I can’t seem to trace back who was initially responsible for the brilliant copy their brand has become renowned for.

This is an incredibly hard thing to do, and something I rarely see paralleled, which is why I was very excited when I saw Construct’s rebrand for Berkeley London (a posh hotel in Knightsbridge). Amongst beautifully minimal bags and napkins was this chocolate bar design:

Now, Construct were at a slight advantage as they didn’t actually need to show a brand on the packaging. The chocolate would be inside the hotel and so branding it would be a little superfluous. However, they could have taken the easy option of simply displaying the Hotel’s logo, perhaps with a slight embossed texture, but they didn’t. Instead they took this opportunity to add a little bit of humour without sacrificing any elegance or reducing the rebrand’s overall cohesion.

I love the story they’ve created by documenting the thought process most people go through when eating chocolate. A really simple idea that adds so much to the overall brand and will bring a smile to people’s stay.


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