Lovely Lettering

Hand rendered typography is pretty much all that my mind is filled with right now so it seems appropriate to share some of it with you.

The thing I love most about hand rendered type is that it allows a lot more freedom to link words and create one off ligatures. For any non-designers out there a ligature is basically when two letters are joined. It, in very simple terms, just makes the text look nicer. If you look at any decent typography that has a word with “fi” in, then the top of the f will be the tittle (a great word for the dot) of the i. Like so:

Anyway, one person I can always rely on for inspiration is Sean McCabe. This piece of his illustrates my point about ligatures perfectly, as he joins a y and s on separate lines and the double Ts in lettering.

I love how varied each of his designs are and his combinations of script, serif, sans-serif and capitals. He ignores the rules about sticking to a certain number of typefaces in one design and I think that’s what really makes his work effective.

A few wine bottle labels have also caught my eye recently whilst browsing The Dieline. I’m not actually sure this one was done by hand but it’s still beautiful typography. So beautiful, in fact, that Dorian could basically leave the rest of the label blank and still manage to create an elegant and interesting design.

And the reverse approach to this minimalism can be seen on Brandever‘s recent design. Hand rendered chalk type makes perfect sense for hand crafted wine and I love the way it’s been done:

This brings together old and new technology as the QR code on the side of the bottle directs you to this video documenting how the typography was done – well worth a watch if you like the label. It also manages to make the whole process look a lot easier than it is, as I’ve recently discovered. (You might need to refresh the page if it says no data is received. Not sure why but it seems to be a recurring problem.)


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