Something nice on a Sunday

I’ve learnt a lot of new stuff since starting this blog. One of those things is that Design Museum do a thing called Font Sunday and that is pretty much all that happens in the Graphic Design world on a Sunday. I can’t bring myself to go along with such an un-alliterative concept and so Sundays are fairly limited in terms of finding new work. Luckily there are still hundreds of things that have inspired me over the years that I haven’t included yet so I think weekends may have to be the days for these.

I’ll try and come up with a fancy name for it soon.

So here is an extremely clever calendar. I’m not entirely sure how well it would work but it’s nice all the same:

The Pencil Calendar was created by Mytton Williams as self promotional work with the basic concept that as you use the pencil it will wear down and align with the correct day of the month. Lovely.


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