Simply Cider

Simple is difficult. It takes a lot more confidence than ‘busy.’ Our tutors spend a lot of time telling us not to be afraid to keep designs simple, but it’s a lot harder than it may sound. We can have over 5 weeks on one project and doubts very soon begin to creep in. There’s also the problem of wanting to showcase all of your “great” ideas and it is often very difficult to let go of various aspects and strip back your final outcome.

This design by Amore clearly demonstrates the benefits of simple design:

cider smile

Once launched, “Cider” immediately rose to second and fourth place on the Swedish cider sales list and have remained in the top 5 from then on. All that was needed after the initial idea of rotating the text to create a smily emoticon was simple typography and the result is great, happy, packaging with sales figures to match.


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