Push to add drama

The problem with starting a blog at any time is the issue of wanting to include everything you’ve ever seen and been inspired by. So whilst I’m trying to keep this as up to date as possible I can’t resist throwing this piece of viral marketing in from last month.

Flash mobs are becoming more and more commonplace within marketing campaigns but this ‘ad’ by Duval Guillaume Modem, Belgium, for TNT adds a twist to this premise.

In a quiet square in little town in Belgium a big red button was installed with the text “Push to Add Drama” pointing to the button. The result can be watched below:

This beautifully complicated sequence of events illustrates with amazing simplicity the point TNT wanted to get across, as well as being exciting enough to take off as a viral campaign.

So whilst this post comes a little late I hope the video demonstrates why I wanted to include it and hopefully I won’t need too many backdated posts before I can get this thing on track!


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