Jubilee Goodness

I have to say I don’t generally like “monarchy inspired” Graphic Design. There were a few nice bits for Will and Kate’s wedding but I think it’s very easy for ‘royal’ themed graphic design to fall into the same old clichés.

One company breaking this syntagm is mr.h with their designs for Harvey Nichols in celebration of the Queen’s upcoming Diamond Jubilee.

On first glance the tub is a little strange, but a nice rhyme and a patriotic colour palette doesn’t often go wrong, but it’s only when I opened that I think the brilliance is really revealed.


The first glimpse of which is a simple nod towards the language of royals as the inside of the lid reads “I now declare the sandwich box open.” A small touch that brings the product together.


But the detail that won me over is a small sticker with the simple slogan “Luverly Jubilee.”


There isn’t much, in my opinion, that beats a slogan like that in Graphic Design. Simple word play, a not-quite-perfect pun, and you have me sold!

Great stuff.


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