Interrobang, the majorly underrated glyph

The interrobang is something I love.

I really think it’s great.

Yes, it might look a little ugly at small sizes, it might seem a little uncomfortable in various typefaces but there’s also something brilliant about it. It’s the perfect mark for so many occasions and yet so often overlooked.




Created by 1962 by Martin K. Speckter, editor of Type Talks magazine, the (idiomatically termed) ‘bang’ combines a question and exclamation mark. Although it’s included in several popular typefaces it’s still relatively unknown. I was first made aware of the glyph when Michael Johnson, of Johnson Banks, used it on the cover of ‘Problem Solved.’ From this point on I’ve become so attached to the mark that I really want to advocate it and see it in common usage…

So this was my small part in trying to bring back the interrobang.



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