Viral Campaigns

I have to admit I find the whole concept of creating viral campaigns a little bit scary. It seems very hit and miss as to whether viral marketing goes wild, or just flops, and I personally find it incredibly difficult to pre-guess which path a campaign will take.

One campaign, done by Ogilvy Argentina, which I personally absolutely adore, and yet I saw very little online coverage of was one done a little while ago by Coca Cola. The brief seems simple, to get people working together, enjoying friendship and sharing coca cola, and yet the outcome was brilliant.

Coca Cola set up giant vending machines with a “2 for 1” button just too high for one person alone to reach, hence meaning that the only way of pressing it would be teamwork. They then filmed people doing this and made a lovely film about the project:

A few screenshots from the film:

Coca Cola's friendship machine

Coca Cola's friendship machine

Coca Cola's friendship machine

Coca Cola's friendship machine

I think the figures shown demonstrate how effective the project was, and yet, as mentioned earlier, this video wasn’t plastered over my facebook, I didn’t see it on twitter and only found it via Design Bridge’s blog. So why are some viral campaigns, such as the Kony 2012 video, such a hit and others less so? Is it the emotional angle that this campaign lacked? A humour factor? Was it too disconnected from the audience, location wise? I really don’t know! But it’s something I’m taking more and more attention of to try and ensure it’s a pitfall my future work doesn’t fall in to!


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