Interrobang, the majorly underrated glyph

The interrobang is something I love.

I really think it’s great.

Yes, it might look a little ugly at small sizes, it might seem a little uncomfortable in various typefaces but there’s also something brilliant about it. It’s the perfect mark for so many occasions and yet so often overlooked.




Created by 1962 by Martin K. Speckter, editor of Type Talks magazine, the (idiomatically termed) ‘bang’ combines a question and exclamation mark. Although it’s included in several popular typefaces it’s still relatively unknown. I was first made aware of the glyph when Michael Johnson, of Johnson Banks, used it on the cover of ‘Problem Solved.’ From this point on I’ve become so attached to the mark that I really want to advocate it and see it in common usage…

So this was my small part in trying to bring back the interrobang.



Viral Campaigns

I have to admit I find the whole concept of creating viral campaigns a little bit scary. It seems very hit and miss as to whether viral marketing goes wild, or just flops, and I personally find it incredibly difficult to pre-guess which path a campaign will take.

One campaign, done by Ogilvy Argentina, which I personally absolutely adore, and yet I saw very little online coverage of was one done a little while ago by Coca Cola. The brief seems simple, to get people working together, enjoying friendship and sharing coca cola, and yet the outcome was brilliant.

Coca Cola set up giant vending machines with a “2 for 1” button just too high for one person alone to reach, hence meaning that the only way of pressing it would be teamwork. They then filmed people doing this and made a lovely film about the project:

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I thought I’d start this blog off properly with the company that inspired me to start it.

After finding out about Pearlfisher (a bit too late really) I am utterly infatuated with their work. Upon quickly flicking to the “work for us” link I was pleased to discover that they take interns but like to see evidence of blogs. As this was something I’d been meaning to do for a while it really forced me into action.

Anyway. Here is a lovely logo done for Jamie Oliver:

Jamie Oliver logo

Beautifully simple yet strong enough to create a brand, I loved this logo.

There are plenty more pieces of packaging in Pearlfisher’s portfolio that I admire which I’m sure will feature throughout this blog but their website is if you’d like to check them out now.


New sketchbook syndrome

So here it is, my nice shiny new blog all ready for me to fill with inspirational Graphic Design, yet starting to write something is a little bit like starting a new sketchbook. The first markings on a new page inevitably go wrong and that’s it. The whole book’s ruined. I’m trying not to be that precious here in an attempt to ensure I actually use this and keep a record of Graphic Design as and when it inspires me.

I think I’ll keep this post short to try and keep the dodgy first-page markings at a minimum!

So thank you if you happen to have read this and hopefully it’ll be better from now on!